Health Benefits of Ashwagandha or Withania somnifera

Ashwagandha or Withania somnifera Benefits and Usage According to Classical Ayurvedic Medicine as Versatile Herbal Remedy

Withania somnifera or Ashwagandha benefits as adaptogenic, anti-stress, immuno-modulator, nervine, tonic and aphrodisiac herb. This ayurvedic herb is used with special reputation attached to it very commonly in India. It is greatly helpful in restoring the strength of body and mind.


Adaptogenic herbs or effect might be a new term. Adaptogenic effect or activity signifies merely a part of the benefits of Ayurvedic Rejuvenative herbal remedies.

The Ayurvedic term for Rejuvenation is "Rasayana" and it signifies antigaing, promoting youthfulness and positive wellbeing. Withania somnifera is one of the prominent Rasayana herbs of Ayurveda.


Ashwagandha & Body Humors:

Winter cherry pacifies Kapha and Vata. Vata and Kapha based disorders are benefited by Withania somnifera.

Ashwagandha Benefits Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia:

  1. Aswagandha soothes and calms down the stressed mind and nerves. It helps to normalize the sympathetic tone that is increased in Stress, Anxiety and Depression. It relieves nervous exhaustion, brain fag, loss of memory, loss of muscular energy.
  2. Sound sleep is produced  so W. somnifera  is a good herb for Insomnia patients. It is better to use it with Valerian root and Oyster shell in Insomnia.
  3. Winter Cherry is a good hypnotic in Alcoholism.

Ashwagandha Benefits Rheumatic Pains:

It is a good natural remedy for Arthritis. Most of the joints pain in arthritis are a result ofdegenerative disease in body due to wrong posture, wear and tear of tissues and aging. It is a good adaptogenic, immunity booster.

Ashwagandha As Nutritional Supplement:

  1. Leaves are used as an antihelminthic i.e. to kill the worms in intestines.
  2. Though it is a good nutritional supplement, it is somewhat heavy to digest. So I suggest it to be used with little pepper or dry ginger powder. However if your digestive power is good use it without any digestive additive.
  3. With Gokshura, it is a good nervine tonic for hypoglycemia and low blood pressure.

Ashwagandha As Adjuvant To Anti-Hypertensive & Anti-Stress Herbs:

Aswagandha has no direct action on hypertension but it is an essential additive in herbal formulation for hypertension due to its effects on nerves, stress and brain and sleep.

Ashwagandha Benefits In The Breathing Difficulty:

Withania somnifera root is particularly useful in Emphysematous dyspnea. Instead of root powder,the Ksar preparation is useful for this effect. Root is also given in Consumption and Tuberculosis along with Rudanti (Capparis paniculata) powder.

  Aswagandha As Immunity Booster In Skin Care:

Withania somnifera is not directly useful for skin diseases. This herb must be given in severe skin problems where the disease process diminishes the vitality of the entire body as psoriasis, leprosy.

  Aswagandha Benefits In Urinary Disorders:

  1. Fruits and seeds are used as diuretic.
  2. With Gokshura, it is better as a nervine tonic in hypoglycemia.

  Aswagandha Benefits As Aphrodisiac For Sexual Health:

  1. Aswagandha is very useful in spermatorrhea, loss of strength, lack of sexual drive, erectile dysfunction. It is better to take its root powder with honey or sugar or clarified butter and long pepper. Its consumption should be followed by milk.
  2. It is a great aphrodisiac that has many side benefits and you can use it for long time.
  3. This herb is very useful for seminal debility - when the semen is of low quality i.e. either there is less than normal volume or in the poor quality of sperms or both.
  4. Cow hage seeds are a good supplement that can be taken with it as an aphrodisiac.

Ashwagandha Benefits Women:

  1. Withania somnifera is very good in bloody discharge and in leucorrhea. These patients complain about backache and weakness.
  2. This is found to be promising in steritlity of women.
  3. For increasing the milk secretion ( as galactogogue), Aswagandha is given with liquorice, Shatavari ( Asparagus racemosus) and Vidari ( Ipomoea paniculata).
  4. It is a good Uterine anti-inflammatory so useful in Uterine infections.
  5. Often good in Vaginal pains other than due to infections.

Ashwagandha Strengthening The Children:

It is the solution of the parents who always complain to doctors that their children don't put up more weight and is lean and thin despite eating a lot. So start with it to see your emaciated childhealthy and plump.

Ashwagandha Benefits As Anti-Inflammatory Topically:

  1. It has some anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
  2. So root is used as an application in carbuncles, scrofulous and other glandular swellings
  3. The cleaned green root is made into a paste with water and applied as surgical dressing. It is good to boil the root when we are to use it over carbuncles and as surgical dressing. It helps to heal fast.
  4. The oils processed with Aswagandha and other herbs are used in rheumatic pains and swellings. It is better to warm the oil and then softly massage it over the affected joints.

Ashwagandha In General Use:

  1. Withania somnifera is a wonderful herbal body building solution for those who desire to build their body in a non harmful way.
  2. Winter Cherry is a good herb to be used when the body needs fresh energy and the rejuvenating effect that is depleted due to Chronic Constitutional diseases like Syphilis, Tuberculosis, Rheumatic fever, over-work and stressful situations. So Aswagandha promotes the anabolic activities in the body.
  3. For chronic fatigue, it is used with Licorice, Amla and Shatavari and some ayurvedic minerals.

Ashwagandha Benefits Healthy Vision:

A mixture compound of Aswagandha, Liquorice and Amla ( Emblica offincinalis or Emblic myrobalan) is found to be useful for improving the eye sight. It should be used for more than three months.

Ashwagandha Benefits Senior Citizens:

  1. It is a good health restorative for aged persons who want to be more younger than their age.
  2. Use Withania somnifera freely in Senile debility. It invigorates the system.